NCC Bahrain

Current Job Openings

Shovel Operator

Full time

  • Operates excavating and loading equipment and heavy machinery including power shovels, stripping shovels, scraper loaders, and backhoes.
  • Effectively completes excavation and related tasks such as backfilling excavations and breaking concrete or rock using appropriate equipment.
  • Conducts routine inspections before operating equipment to identify needed maintenance or repairs.
  • Performs or requests necessary repairs and adjustments to equipment.
  • Consults digging plans, machine specifications, and safety procedures for specific tasks.
  • Ensures work is completed to specification by observing grade stakes, material levels, hand signals, and other markers.
  • Transports materials around job sites, factories, or warehouses.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
  • 2 Years Experience

    Heavy Hydraulic Mechanic

    Full Time

  • Perform electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical repairs as well as preventative maintenance.
  • Troubleshoot issues with diesel engines.
  • Determine what parts and tools are necessary to make repairs.
  • Complete shop paperwork.
  • Maintain a clean and safe work area.
  • 2 Years Experience

    Forklift Operator

    Full time

  • Loading, unloading, shipping, and receiving warehouse items.
  • Transporting materials to different locations within the facility.
  • Optimizing loads to ensure operational efficiency.
  • Securing loads to the machine before transportation.
  • Inspecting for damages to vehicles.
  • Scheduling vehicles for maintenance and repairs.
  • Operating and managing technical equipment.
  • Managing inventory by utilizing RF scanning equipment.
  • Picking and wrapping orders for shipment.
  • Identifying workplace safety hazards.
  • Adhering to safety management standards.
  • Adhering to production schedules.
  • 2 Years Experience

    Pump Operator

    Full Time

  • Must work according to the Ready-Mix Site Supervisor and Dispatch Supervisor’s instructions.
  • Pump operator must always check whether hydraulic oil is within operational parameters and water tanks are full.
  • Must Inspect the boom for evidence of both hydraulic leaks or pipeline leak.
  • Ensure that pump is properly primed and hopper is clean and free.
  • Make sure that Safety devices must not be altered or removed.
  • Ensure stability of unit, when in doubt of ground condition; use extra blocking under outrigger legs. Operate unit on level ground.
  • Make sure that area should be cleared before extending outriggers or swinging boom.
  • Outriggers must be fully extended before boom is opened/extended or operated.
  • Do not drive with an unfolded placing boom or unrestricted outriggers.
  • Do not move truck pump assembly with boom extended/unfolded.
  • 2 Years Experience